About Us

We are a fourth generation – family run wholesale distribution company located in Campbellford, servicing Eastern Ontario since 1930.

Campbellford Wholesale services a variety of customers, from small independent convenience stores to food service accounts. We supply confectionery items, frozen (retail & food service) health and beauty, pet foods, tobacco and more.

Campbellford Wholesale has 20 dedicated employees, a 24-000sq. Ft warehouse, eight delivery trucks and handles over 18,000 SKU’s for our customers.



Beginning in 1930, Founder Ralph Locke, who travelled to Toronto to bring back tobacco, confectionary and other items for family and friends, realized the business potential in what he was doing and shortly after opened Locke’s Cigar Store and Wholesale.



Over the years, the business grew, and Ralph eventually retired, handing it down in 1950 to his son Murray, who played an active part until 2009. John (Murray’s oldest son) and his brother Dave have been the driving force and success of the company since 1985.



Campbellford Wholesale, that began dealing exclusively in tobacco and confectionary, has now expanded exponentially to now carrying health and beauty, pet food and more. John, Dave and John’s wife Sheree, are all currently involved in the business today.

With 90 years and counting, the Locke’s intend to keep the business operations remaining in the family with the next generation, John’s son and daughter, Curtis & Ashley.

Many of the Wholesale employees have worked for the company for a long time and feel like family, as do many of its long-time customers. The company’s customers and employees have been the hallmark of its success.



Like many small businesses, Campbellford does almost everything itself, including sales, marketing and human resources. The company’s sales team visits their customers weekly, ensuring they are serviced with great satisfaction along with developing any new business potential where they can. The customer service that you will receive is what sets us apart and is a good example of how a small, family-owned business has been able to grow and succeed in a competitive industry that is often dominated by much larger companies.